Combat Vets on the edge finding freedom through WildOps!

"I was losing the battle at home."

We are fighting an enemy that can't be seen.

The fight is not over!

You up for the challenge?

Is WildOps What I Need?

You don't have to fight this battle alone

Who's this for? Combat Vets on the edge.

WildOps is a community for combat veterans who feel alone and need support in their journey towards healing and recovery. You don't need another program. You need true transformation. Find camaraderie and guidance from fellow veterans who have faced similar battles. WildOps is privately funded and helps veterans willing to be helped, with the goal of finding victory, freedom, and redemption.

Charles came home lost. I wanted what we had before. Wild Ops is the brotherhood Charles needs to keep moving forward. He’s no longer alone and forgotten.

"Wild Ops brings you back into brotherhood and reminds you of the bond that combat veterans share. Wild Ops still reaches out and helps me." - Ziggy

"Wild Ops has been a blessing for our family. My combat Vet has found a community with this group, and it has helped us immensely. He went on a retreat and came back a different person." - Heather


No Teaching


No Preaching


No Fixing

We do things different in the wild!

But one mission. Help you get your life back.

Is WildOps Right For Me?

The the fight is not over.

We'll help you fight an enemy that can't be seen.